A Beautiful Nothing, Songs 21 - 30

21. “The One Who Plants Hope”

~ England


22. “The One Who Heals”

~ New York


23. “The One Who Styles Hair”

~ Las Vegas


24. “The One Who Fights for Human Rights”

~ Upstate, New York

25. “The One Who Has Come So Far”

~ P/A



26. “The One Who Wans to Learn”

~ Upstate, NY


27. “The One Who Is Supersonic”

~ Queens, NYC


28. “The One Whose Dreams Haven't Changed”

~ Connecticut


29. “The One About My Barber”

~ Ireland / Queens


30. “The One Who Sides with Life”

~ Australia

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Real Songs about Real People


Singer-songwriter-rapper Keith "Tryfle" Hudson has always believed that songs are stories.

His new release A Beautiful Nothing is a testament to his commitment to his craft.

The mixed tape is the third collection in his series "100 Songs About 100 People in 1 Year." 

Check out the entire 100 Songs project.

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