Lost Rebel is Keith's story told through song and spoken word.
In "Behind the Story" he tells the full story behind the audio book, its origins, influences, and how it came to be.

Check-out this behind-the-scenes look from the author.

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from Lost Rebel

"Coming Strong"

The first track from Lost Rebel

A True Coming of Age Story


Lost Rebel is a multi-dimensional audio book released by NYC rapper and performer Keith “Tryfle” Hudson. This is not a hip-hop album. Lost Rebel is an artistic statement wrapped in story and song. In this audio book, Tryfle blends spoken word, narrative, and rap into a rich soundscape that tells the coming of age story of a young man struggling with his past while defining his future.

This is Tryfle’s story, but also the story of so many other young men and women in American society today. It’s an album of struggle, celebration, and finding one’s way. As an entire piece, it is the culmination of Tryfle’s musical heritage and his life’s work as an artist.

Rave Reviews for Lost Rebel

Lost Rebel is "visceral, absolutely something you'd wish to listen to..."
Keith Tryfle Hudson' rap songs are about loyalty and triumph, a topic that would make anyone want to stand and shout, but, too, about serious reflection, which I think quite a bit of music can't capture. So much music is dreamy (no matter the genre), but to capture what Tryfle does is uncommon, and that's awesome. Also, his distillation of facts is precise, so precise! He captures the most important thing to take away from a moment he is describing, and delivers it to the audience with that economy. It's one thing to write a song and do it well, and it's another to pack inside of it all the power of what it means while saying so little. Because being able to do so requires emotional intelligence and alighting, correctly, upon the fact that "hey I know you're going to get this" and THEN being right about it.

Also, Keith Tryfle Hudson's ability to paint a picture of what it was like to be at that point in his life right then (whatever different moments he's musically describing) is visceral, and absolutely something you'd wish to listen to.

--- Genevieve Chavira, NYC

From the Lost Rebel live show at the New York Comedy Club:

Saw Lost Rebel debut here - a powerful one-man musical by Keith "Tryfle" Hudson. Keith was gracious enough to hang out and greet the early arrivals which was cool.

 As for the show... WOW!  The show was incredible!  I know it sounds cliche, but you will laugh and you will cry... And you will throw your hands up high!  Such an awesome mix of comedy, music, and powerful storytelling.  And for those of you grew up in the 80's there are plenty of references that will bring up fond memories.  Oh, and as a testament to Tryfle's fanbase we had people in the audience from Belgium  and Denmark  which was pretty impressive.

— Stephen M, New Castle, DE

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