Hudon Legacy Music respects and protects the data of our web visitors.


On this page you will find the details of how we do so. At anytime, you may email or message us via the contact form on our web site to request what data we have about you, what we have done with it, and to have it deleted.


The data that we collect and how we collect it:

Through our various contact forms and newsletter signup forms, we collect the data that you provide, which could include email address and name and the date and page on which you submitted the info. This data cannot be connected to any other online or browsing info.


Our website analytics software utilizes user-anonymous cookies (pixels) to measure our site’s traffic and consumer behavior patterns, but none of this can be connected to a specific user. Your actions on the site (with the exception of submitting a form) are completely anonymous. 


What we do with the data we collect:

Data that is submitted via forms is kept within our internal systems in order to send out appropriate and relevant messages concerning new additions to our site, music or marketing industry news of interest to you, or updates or queries related to your areas of interest. At any time you may ask us to unsubscribe you from all messages and/or delete your information from our records.


Anonymous web traffic and site behavior data is used by us to judge the performance and effectiveness of our web site content so as to improve user experience. None of this data can be connected to individual users. 


Data protections:

If you have any questions regarding the data that we collect or how we use it, please do not hesitate to contact us via our web site or by email:

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NYC Rap and Hip-hop

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